Loyalive - Loyalty Card App
Branding, UX and UI development for Loyalive - the Live Loyalty Card app
Quantel Rebrand
The un-released Quantel Rebrand that never saw the light of day.
SeatMe - iPhone App concept
Concept - iOS app for theatre seat booking, showing user journeys and wireframes
Bonza UX/UI - Facebook
Bonza UX/UI
Bonza Mobile - UX/UI
Bonza Slots Mobile - turning a Facebook canvas app in to a planned and fully-designed iOS app, allowing users to play mobile slots games on their iPhone
Experiential Design - Quantel
A selection of experiential exhibition stand designs for trade shows across the world.
Digital Design - UI/UX/Video
A selection of digital design projects, including software UI and tablet UI design
Bonza Marketing
Bonza Marketing
Concept - Miss Saigon (Revival)
Concepts for the 2013 London revival of Miss Saigon
The Middleman
Packaging development and design for The Middleman crowd funding campaign and comic book reprints
DDMTA Kickstarter Campaign
Creative & artistic direction for branding and social media asset production for the fundraising campaign for 'Diani & Devine meet The Apocalypse'
Packaging & Giftware Design
A selection of design work for packaging, giftware, and style guides.
Magazine Design - Government
A selection of covers and internal spreads from DWPeople, the internal magazine of the Department for Work and Pensions. The magazine was a result of much research, and saved a significant amount of money over the three previous editions.
Magazine Design - Spooks
Selected spreads, covers and packaging from the Spooks partwork DVD collection.
Book Design - Big Brands
A selection of publishing projects for big brands and television shows
Book Design - Small Press
A selection of work produced for smaller publishers, including cover and interior page design
The Selling - DVD/Poster Development
The varied versions and developments of a poster for the indie horror/comedy film, The Selling
Promo & Packaging - Blake's 7
A small selection of packaging and print promo materials produced for Blake's 7
Redesign of blakes7.com, the official website of the classic television series by Terry Nation
A collection of posters - some of which are available as prints
Some fun illustrations, mainly personal projects.
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