Sometimes, a project has a designer and one client. Sometimes there are two clients. For the Theatrical and subsequent DVD release of the amazing indie horror-comedy The Selling there were many, many clients. From the director and writing team to the various DVD and VOD distributors...
Here are just some of the variations we went through!
This was the final choice for the theatrical release. The DVD and VOD releases used the full title of 'The Selling of Scarry Manor'
An early 'indie film' style concept. More of a digital thumbnail sketch, this one.
Could we parody Insideous?
Needs to be lighter, bit more color...
More color!
The original house has a much shorter frontage, with a tree right in the middle of the windows on the left hand side. The front garden had to be extended and the tree removed digitally to get a clear look at the house.
How about a scary/funny red?
Spooky glow, sparks or something...
Trying to get the comedy part of horror/comedy across...
Quirky left-field concept
The comedy part of the horror/comedy trying to push through in this almost rom-com themed idea
Simple always looks good, right?
This was almost it, and then we put the sign back in for the final version.
And of course, the final version creates the visual language for the various online uses.

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