This project was all about making a better theatre-booking app for the iPhone. I'm often in central London and would love to see what shows have spare tickets for that evening. I could wait in line at the TKTS booth, but that's not always a quick process, and I might even miss a performance.
With releases for London's West End and New York's Broadway shows, I could envisage this becoming a strong business model, used to sign on multiple theatres, hook in to existing booking systems, and encourage others to expand in to taking instant digital bookings. It's like OpenTable/TopTable for theatres! Eventually, the app could be expanded to other cities, and encompass musicals, plays, possibly even integrating cinema film showings too (although this is well covered with other apps).
So, regardless of the technical challenges, and focused squarely on the best experience for the user, I planned out a handful of user journeys - based on geolocation, cheap-ticket-finding, planning for a future theatre visit and a photo-based search (imagine spotting a billboard, photographing it on your phone and being sent right to the show's page!).
I turned these user journeys in to a handful of wireframes, showing the booking process (including eventual digital ticket distribution with Passbook integration), the information searching process (for theatres and shows), and a couple of settings screens.
I plan to work these up in to fully visualised mockups.
iPhone vector template by Matthew Stephens ( - Thanks Matthew!

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