Book Design - Big Brands

A selection of publishing projects for big brands and television shows

Two in-world books for Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes, published by Bantam. Concept, pitch and final design. Also provided line illustrations.
Fully-illustrated re-telling of six key Sherlock Holmes adventures through the medium of John Watson's scrap book. Included dozens of removable artefacts such as posters, photographs, telegrams and hand-written notes.
Another in-world book, this time focusing on Captain Mainwaring's Dad's Army platoon.
Design on the first Torchwood publication - designed as an in-world archive of adventures on screen and in radio plays.
Two behind-the-scenes books conceived, pitched, illustrated for Kudos and Simon & Schuster. Also supplied most of the behind-the-scenes photography.

Concept design for a history of Danger Mouse, with wider information on Cosgrove Hall. Sadly this project never made it to market.

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